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I’ve had many inquiries about the Box. I built it a few years ago when I first started dating the man I would marry. He wanted to be able to lock me away in a box, and (being the bondage McGyver I am) I decided I wanted such a thing to be both ergonomic and very secure… and a bit evil because the idea of it all just turned me on. A lot.

A side note- he is, BTW, the only man I have ever subbed to. Up to this point I had always been a (very creative) bondage Dom.

I started with a cherry shelving cabinet that I already had but no longer used. It was unusually deep, but not deep enough for the job. I cut it up and began modifying it, increasing the depth and reinforcing it with another layer of wood inside. I had no idea if this was going to really come together or not. Most of the added wood I had on hand, but all the hardware, screws, wood glue, padding and covering, wheels, etc cost far more than I expected. To reproduce this would cost a small fortune now.

It took me about 3 months of nights (and occasional weekends) to complete.

We still play with it often— it has a lot of miles on it now but its still solid as a rock. It’s built like a safe, there simply is no escape once strapped inside and the closure pieces padlocked in place. It’s impossible to move more than a half inch or less in any direction, yet the seating position and padding make it very sustainable. We use it mostly with electro play.. and fighting against all the restraints as hard as I can simply wears me out yet the Box remains completely unyielding.

Going to build this one day

Nice boxes

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